Introduction Database Security | Database Management System

Introduction Database Security | Database Management System

Introduction Database Security :В ADBMS Stores critical, important, confidential and vital data of an organization, institute, office etc. So, securing this data is an important issue. Database security is an important component of a DBA’s job. Without a comprehensive database security plan and implementation, the integrity of organization’s databases will become compromised. Each DBA should learn the security mechanisms at his disposal to assure that only authorized users are accessing and changing data in the company’s databases.

What is database SECURITY ?

  • Protecting the database from unauthorized users.
  • Protection of data against internal and external threats.
  • Ensures that users are allowed or disallowed to do the things they are trying to do based on security policies.

“Securing a database allows organizations to protect the corporate data from the threats by external Sources. Database Security is a serious issue, and if not implemented correctly, the consequences can be fatal.”

Within the past decade, the growth of the Database industry and the Internet has revolutionized the way many people interact with information. This rapid proliferation and the cost effectiveness of new key technologies are Creating large opportunities for developing large-scale distributed applications. These systems are made up of several interacting components, each of which is pretty much well encapsulated. However, this phenomenal growth has also brought about Security concerns since Some of the data now being made available on the internet is sensitive. For example e-commerce, the leading Web-based application, is projected to exceeding S1 trillion over the next several years. Ensuring, for example, that customers credit cards are not stolen and posted on a hacker’s website, is not the least a daunting task, given the scale and heterogeneity of the Internet. The strong need for information security is attributed to several factors, including the availability of Sensitive information stored in Corporations and governments databases to the outside World; the ease with which malicious Code can be distributed by ill-intentioned people via automation (for example, reading a victim’s address book and propagating viruses automatically to all addresses in the book); the ease with which computer crimes are perpetrated anonymously from across geographic boundaries, and the general lack of forensic evidence in Computer Crimes, which makes the detection and prosecution of criminals difficult.